Sun Rowing Club takes sports health as the purpose and rowing as the core, providing professional and international services for rowing enthusiasts at home and abroad. The projects include adult rowing training, youth CRA level training, team rowing leadership training and summer camp activities, holding rowing sports events, disseminating rowing sports culture, actively carrying out learning and exchange activities between domestic and international colleges and universities around rowing sports, connecting the world, empowering teenagers and enterprises, and leading the new trend of water sports. Let the rowing row into everyone’s heart, row the rowing boat to see the world.

Youth CRA Level Training

The Chinese Rowing Association (CRA) is a single sports association under the leadership of the All-China Sports Federation. CRA rating is the most authoritative rowing technical grade standard in China. All universities that cooperate with the Chinese Rowing Association and the International Rowing Federation can be recognized. Sun Rowing Club provides a professional training system – Youth Rowing CRA Training, and carries out rowing training programs based on CRA level certification. It includes four assessment contents: land rowing equipment, rowing, physical fitness assessment and cultural class. Cultivate new Chinese teenagers with excellent comprehensive quality, physical fitness and athletic ability for the national sports project.

Corporate Team Building

Rowing is a physical sport with excellent exercise value, and cohesion is the soul of rowing. Sun Rowing Club provides consulting and implementation of team building for water sports such as rowing, dragon boating, and kayaking. Let the team feel the team’s cooperation from the fresh, run-in, to the spirit of synergy, persistence and transcendence, and exercise the leadership of the participants.

May you return from the team building, have a sense of teamwork regardless of age, level, total love for everyone and altruism; be a person with a soul height, no need to hug back and forth, stand there alone, you are a thousand troops.

Tournament Operation

Sun Rowing Club is the first aquatics venue in China to rely on the Olympic Games, and the venues and facilities are complete. For sports enthusiasts across the country, it has hosted a number of international professional events – the 2015 Asian Championships. Domestic events – 2016 National Championships, 2017 National Championships, etc. “Boat” into the campus – 2016 National Youth Rowing Summer Camp, 2017 National College Students International Famous School Invitational Tournament, International Middle School Students Invitational Competition, Run Bar Junior, etc. Grand Canal Cultural Festival – 2021 Tongzhou Grand Canal Dragon Boat Race, Mother River Series, etc. City Leagues – Regular leagues are held in conjunction with cities with bases as the center. Boat Junior – “Boat Junior Cup” private label activities and many other well-known events. Sun Rowing Club has become the best choice for hosting water events.

The Rowing Youth

Regardless of age as a boundary, advocating “always 18 years old”, Sun Rowing Club has bred a boat junior event brand. Based on this brand, Sun Rowing Club has successfully held many events. It has actively promoted the development of the sports industry and inherited the rowing culture.

Sports bring not only vitality, but also a transmission of energy. Rowing has entered the campus, so that more teenagers can understand rowing, fall in love with rowing, and feel the charm of rowing. At the same time, rowing has also stepped out of the campus and into the society, as a transmission of energy, familiar with the general public. Let us always maintain a healthy body and a young heart, regardless of age.

Rowing Club

Sun Rowing Club has training facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan and many international communities and schools. All are equipped with professional and high-quality international level coaches, boat branches, training venues and software and hardware facilities, and are committed to creating an international rowing training base for the majority of rowing enthusiasts.

Sun Rowing Club’s operation projects are rich and complete, such as personalized professional training, and the professional coaching team provides professional program customization according to the individual needs of members, so as to maximize the training results of members. Scientific body shaping management, the application of cutting-edge sports technology to accurately follow up the health data of member training in an all-round way, so as to achieve scientific and safe sports and scientific and safe body shaping. On the basis of physical fitness, we will create an elite circle with the spirit of rowing as the core.

Summer Camp

Rowing is the best water sport that integrates sports and education “links”. In order to cultivate children’s leadership, collaboration, competitiveness, anti-pressure, determination, and improve the comprehensive quality and health level of teenagers, Sun Rowing Club regularly holds the “Run It Youth” national youth rowing summer camp.

The activities include the explanation of the structure and function of rowing, the basic operation of rowing, kayaking, paddle boarding, C-STEAM courses, water safety precautions, land training, water perspective training, rowing model making, explanation of world ethnic culture, centennial song, single rowing practice, etc. Through the summer camp, the international rowing sports are combined with the sports and fitness activities of the youth to achieve the effect of fitness and wisdom.

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The documentary witnessed the children’s camp life. Children learnt the knowledge of rowing, kayaking and rowing equipment. The rowing training/competitions on water also exercised children’s ability to live and study independently, cultivated children’s teamwork spirit. Winter is passing accompany with summer’s coming, let children grow together during the summer camp of “Run It Youth” every year.

Research Base

Children should develop two good habits, one is reading, and the other is exercise. In order to jointly promote the construction of school culture, Sun Rowing Club serves as a demonstration base for the integration of sports and education, providing children with research venues and services, especially nature-friendly water sports. Let students participate in research in different ways to enliven the school sports atmosphere. Experience the passionate kayaking project together during the study and feel the driving force for yourself. Perceive the spirit of teamwork in an land dynamo-meter relay project. Experience the excitement of water racing in the rowing experience program.

Other Service

For rowing enthusiasts at home and abroad, with the base as the core, Beijing, Hainan and other cities regularly hold events. Boat into the campus, run it, teenagers, summer camps, leadership training to experience cross-cultural exchanges together. In addition, in order to promote the spirit of sportsmanship, the club operates a number of sports such as kayaking, rowing, paddle boarding, dragon boat, Tai Chi, martial arts and so on. Among them, the Grand Canal Cultural Festival attracts many sports enthusiasts, and the event uses intangible cultural heritage elements, as well as traditional culture and modern sports in one, and experiences the long-standing cultural process and connotation of rowing in cultural immersion.