Sun Rowing Club

Sun Rowing Club, controlled by Shunlu Development and Investment Company, It is a subsidiary of Beijing Shunyi Cultural Tourism Group, It is the first professional rowing club in China to rely on the Olympic water sports venue “Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park”, and it is also the physical training base of the national team, and the Human Sports and Health Development Center (PHD) is also located here. The club has made indelible contributions to the outstanding results of the Chinese team in the aquatic sports at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Guided by the concept of “sports + education + technology + mass leisure + healthy ecology”, the club aims to create a comprehensive set of water sports planning and design, the development of national youth rowing training topics, the construction of sports Internet platforms, the operation and management of rowing clubs and other related sports services. Originating from the River Thames in the 17th century, rowing is an ancient and elegant sport that has gradually been recognized and chased by the world. Sun Rowing Club is one of the first batch of registered members of the Chinese Rowing Association Club and related practitioners, featuring rowing and entering points, stimulating the enthusiasm of the whole people for water sports, with the intention of “rowing rowing into everyone’s heart”.

The Coaching Team

Li Qiang

International Athletes;Professional Rowing Athlete of 15 years;
2010 National Spring Rowing Championships, Champion for 2000M Double Single Sculls; 2014 National Rowing Championships, Championship for 2000M Eight-Man Sculls had the Helmsman; 2012 World Rowing Championships, the 3rd place for 2000M Eight-Man single sculls.

Han Yue

2013 National Junior U18 Rowing Championships, the 2nd place for Women’s 2000M four-man single sculls without helmsman; 2014 Youth U18 Rowing Championships, the 4th place for 2000M women’s four-man single sculls; 2017 National Rowing Championships, the 4th place for Women’s 2000M Quadruple Sculls.

Wang Peng

2015 Shandong Provincial Rowing Championships, the 1st place with a helmsman for the men’s group A, Eight-Man single sculls; 2016 Shandong Provincial Rowing Championships, the 1st place for the men’s group A, Four-Man double sculls; 2017 Shandong Provincial Rowing Championships, the 1st place for Men’s Group A, Double Single Sculls; 2018 Shandong Provincial Games, the 2nd place for Men’s Group A, Four-man Double Sculls.


For rowing sport, about 60% of the power of rowing comes from the legs, about 30% from the core strength, and about 10% from the hand strength. It is the most scientific and effective sport. Because of the sitting posture, it can reduce the impact on the joints, and can use 85% of the muscle groups of the whole body in a low-impact state, which can exercise the body’s aerobic anaerobic ability, core strength, balance and rhythm. Rowers have the highest lung capacity in any sport, up to 7,000 milliliters, and rowing is also known as “lung gymnastics”.

Rowing can lead a team, allowing the team to go from strange to familiar and finally build a brotherhood. Completing a rowing competition depends not only on intelligence and perseverance, but also on collaboration. Rowing told the team not to give up, must persist to the end, until the last second no one knows the result. This is the life principle contained in the rowing belt, you must insist on doing things, and finally get what you want most. Rowing can not only strengthen the physical fitness of the team members, but also cultivate their humble, forbearing, cooperative qualities, and is “the most able to exercise teamwork sports”.

Land Rowing

Land rowing is a non-water rowing sport, which originated from the long-established sport of rowing and is also one of the popular sports of rowing promoted by the International Racing Federation. Land rowing is common in fitness centers, it introduces rowing to people who do not know how to rowing, and gradually becomes an urban trend sport.

Land rowing has the advantages of almost no damage, can exercise more than 86% of the muscles of the whole body, suitable for all ages, etc., and is the best sport for urban people to combine aerobic and endurance training. At the beginning of 2020, land rowing was included in the national team physical fitness test project, land rowing is also a mandatory item for the selection of rowing national training teams, without the excellent performance of land rowing, there is no basis for the championship of water rowing.


The prototype of kayaking, which originated in the Arctic, was originally a means of transportation for the Inuit (Eskimos) and subsequently became an official Olympic sport in the ascendant. Kayaking is divided into two sports, kayaking and rowing, because the competition venue, competition distance, competition rules and refereeing methods of these two kinds of boats are basically the same, so kayaking and rowing boats are collectively referred to as kayaking sports. However, the shape of the boat, the shape of the paddle, the paddle posture of the athlete, the method of holding the paddle and the technical movements of the two types of boats are not different.

Kayaking is a sporty sport with speed and endurance. Regular participation in kayaking can effectively enhance the function of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, increase lung capacity, and develop muscle strength and endurance quality throughout the body. The kayak threshold is slightly lower, which is an excellent project for the whole people to relax and entertain, fitness and team building.

Beijng Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park

Beijing Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park is a venue for rowing, kayaking, marathon swimming and Paralympic rowing events in Beijing, with a total area of about 162.59 hectares, a water area of 63.5 hectares and a green area of 54 hectares. In 2009, it was officially opened to the public, and in 2010, it was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction, and in 2019, it was named “National Beijing Shunyi Sports Training Base” by the State General Administration of Sports. Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park consists of Shunyi District Water Sports Association and Shunyi Ice and Snow Sports Association, which mainly promote and popularize water and ice sports, and organize competitive competitions, professional training, consulting services, etc. The park has successively held dozens of large-scale international and domestic water events such as rowing, kayaking, water skiing, and dragon boats, held dozens of theme activities such as Yanjing Beer Festival, UCC National Industry Race, Dragon Boat Cultural Festival, Winter Ice and Snow Festival, and held hundreds of corporate special activities such as Volkswagen Family Day, Mercedes-Benz Dragon Boat Race, and Colombia Extreme Cool Run.

Beautiful Scenery around Sun Rowing Club